Chucking Kale at your Husband with Meredith Cochie Ross

Meredith Cochie Ross

Meredith Cochie Ross

In Episode 4 of Natural Tendencies, Rick talks to Meredith Cochie Ross who was a passionate creative who struggled with dealing with the “spongey” stuff that occupies her mind and the dissatisfaction inherent in being creative… sometimes manifesting into chucking kale at her husband. (Featuring a guest appearance by an epic thunderstorm… )



Practices Mentioned in the Episode: 

  • When you’re feeling angry, create space and physically separate yourself from the situation. Instead of reacting instantly, leave the room and come back to the issue when you’ve calmed down.
  • Find your own mindfulness exercise where you can redirect your focus, slow down your mind and be present (cooking, walking, gardening etc.) and incorporate it into your life.
  • Or just don’t bring your husband or your child to the grocery store…


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