Unraveling the “Human Doing”

Natural Tendencies
Natural Tendencies
Unraveling the "Human Doing"

In Episode 3 of Natural Tendencies, Rick talks with our senior consultant, Chu Shin, about his severe childhood trauma and how it has informed his need to prove himself and always do more. Through this exploration, Rick questions the idea of getting over trauma and suggests starting to deal with it by integrating the experience as part of your identity and cultivating a self-awareness for when you’re operating from that painful place.  Your trauma doesn’t have to in any way define you or hold you back- it becomes part of your unique story.   In Chu’s case, his experiences cultivated an incredible capacity for compassion and he is a living example of resilience.

Practices Mentioned in the Episode:

  • Practice active listening-try not talking for the first 10 minutes of a meeting.



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