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We manage the unseen. We all have blind spots - it’s why they stick mirrors on cars. Our behavioral assessment will help you avoid these blind spots and determine a customized course of action for hiring and development using our behavioral assessment, reports, workshops and retreats.


Simplify and improve the accuracy of your hiring process by using our behavioral assessment and resulting reports to determine if a candidate has the necessary behavioral traits for the role.


Workshops are a great way for you to experience the power of our tools and people, in a way that is simple and cost effective. We customize the workshop to the psychology and behavioral characteristics of the audience.


Our custom Retreats combine beautiful nature, ancient practices, advances in neuro-psychology, ecology, mindfulness and systems thinking to create optimum conditions for lasting growth.


Our interpersonal coaching tools do the heavy lifting - the talking and explaining - they increase self awareness, detect areas of improvement and provide growth development action steps.

How it Works

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    Identify a potential hire, manager, employee or team who will then complete our online behavioral assessment, the BE Success survey. This takes less than 10 minutes.

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    Receive Results

    Results are delivered quickly and a snapshot of the respondent’s behaviors are identified on an easy to read chart, measuring 21 behavioral scales that indicate natural tendencies from proactivity to self-control to creativity.

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    Hire + Develop

    Based on the results and your needs, we give you a customized direction and plan that allows our tools and reports to help you quickly identify a person’s fit, where they can develop, and any areas of potential conflict.

Proven Results from Transparent Tools

Our streamlined, science-based system gives you an exceptionally beneficial behavioral perspective that shows where a person is right now in their life and how they can make changes to improve their performance. Using our BE Success Survey and reports, we can provide talent strategy, leadership development and succession planning. We give you tools to quickly hire people who have the behavioral traits necessary for a role and help you effectively develop your people. We figure out who works best together and on certain projects. We show you how to validate your partner, or deal with a troubled employee or family member so you can get back to the table performing at a higher level.


Our Couch-to-Table Approach

We bring the tools of the professional psychology couch right to the conference table - you don't need 20 years of clinical psychology or human resources experience to stabilize these things- we've got that. And your back. We have the vulnerable, direct conversations and interactions that prompt change with lasting impact, so we can get off the couch and back to the table.

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As our home office has grown in every department over the past two years, Behavioral Essentials has been a key to ensuring that we grow with people who truly fit into our culture. Using the results of the surveys and the interview questions that are provided has proven to be invaluable to our process. In the operations team, we have had zero turnover during this time and we have promoted 6 people either within our department or to other departments within the company. The process is very straightforward and we have all team members retest yearly to help them with their growth plan both at work and personally.
Daniel McDonald - Director of Franchise Operations, uBreakiFix
As a business owner, private equity investor and asset manager, I have spent over twenty years sampling various personality testing and assessment tools, trying to find a system that delivers not just data, but useful information. With Behavioral Essentials, I have finally found the Holy Grail – a simple, efficient test that delivers significant information, along with the able assistance of the BE team to help you make sense of the information. Often it’s not the words on the page, but what’s between the words, that helps you find the story. The BE team does a terrific job of helping you understand the test results, and parlay that information into useful tips for getting the most out of my hiring process and personnel. In my experience the service adds tremendous value. Having benefited from using the service, I can’t imagine running my businesses without it.
Jason Wolff - President, Frontier Broadcasting
We have been working with Behavioral Essentials for thirteen years. The program has worked for us by helping us place the right person in the right job. The tools have helped point out everyones strengths and weaknesses, and with coaching, helped to eliminate, or at least minimize the weakness. The coaching has also helped me personally with my own weaknesses, which is huge.
Vic Chip Cassano - CEO, Cassano's Pizza

Success Stories

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Behavioral Essentials helped the Daily Buzz identify effective Sales People by having their best people take the BE Success Survey and comparing new candidate's data to the benchmark.

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Cassano’s Pizza, a regional pizza chain with 33 restaurants, was averaging 200% turnover rates, and within eighteen months of working with Behavioral Essentials, their turnover was reduced by 50%.

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