Refocus, recharge
& re-energize.

Intentionally designed experiences in nature to refocus, recharge & re-energize your leadership team.

Real, lasting transformation in nature.

Within our one, two, or three day retreats, you and your team will be richly supported by like-minded individuals committed to growth, truth, and compassion. Unlike anything you have likely experienced, our customizable retreats combine beautiful, pristine nature with advances in neuro-psychology, systems thinking, and mindfulness to create the optimal conditions for real, lasting transformation.

Beautiful, Unique Locations

Our home retreat location is in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. 


Chose between one, two or three day retreats in custom locations.

Multiple Types

We offer Leadership, Coaching & Neuro-Psychology retreats. 

Experiental Learning

Hands-on experiences and reflection in nature 

Proven, Authentic, Experiential Learning

Our programs are based on long term study with many of the great institutions and masters including Purdue University, Texas A&M University, San Diego State University, Boston University, Rollins College, The University of New Mexico, Full Sail University, The Milton Erikson Foundation, and John Milton’s Way of Nature.

Real people. Real experiences.

Ready to recharge?

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