We believe awareness is the catalyst to growth.

We exist so more leaders have awareness when they need it the most, responding in real-time with clarity, calm and care. Because the work we do each day and the people we do it with should be life-sustaining and the workplace challenges we face are our opportunity to thrive.


Founded on family.

After spending many years working in clinical psychology, CEO, Rick Breden, shifted to organizational psychology and founded Behavioral Essentials in 2006. The business model was unique: to introduce principles of family therapy to companies after realizing that all companies are made up of groups of people who function in many ways like a family. From the language in our reports to our in-person interactions, we treat our clients like family. 


We believe that by reducing suffering,
we improve the human condition.

Our mission is to improve the human condition by reducing suffering. Through our behavioral assessment and coaching, we are committed to improving the human condition by helping organizations hire people who will thrive and grow leaders and teams.

Our Non-Negotiable Values


The only constant in business (and in life) is change. We are aware of what’s going on both internally and externally, ready to respond and adapt our behavior to meet every moment.


The most profound growth comes when we are in flow, responding to challenges in real-time and leading from a place of inner connection. We prioritize identifying and being able to tap into this centered and attuned version of ourselves.


Growth requires sustained and ongoing effort, when we want to give up we stay brave. We are committed to personal growth and gladly run into the storm in service of others.


Stress closes us down to opportunity, making solutions unclear. We lead with an open heart, open mind, open door policy so we’re primed to select the right response as it presents itself.


The ability to wonder why keeps us aware of the context we’re in and understand the people we are with. We hone our child’s eye, asking questions, learning through doing and iterating until we’re completely satisfied.


The nature of growth is deep and complex. We balance the heaviness with levity, supporting ourselves with intentional joy and connection to keep us moving forward.

Our People

Rick Breden

President & CEO

Clinical Psychologist, founded New Light Counseling Centers and Family Life Counseling, studied hypnosis with Milton Erickson & is a student of The Way of Nature .

Jill Macauley


With a love for process and procedure and expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, and client management, Jill brings an enthusiastic energy to operational excellence. She holds degrees in psychology, is an adjunct professor in non-profit governance & leadership, and a competitive horseback rider.

Arti Bagga

Director of Coaching

B.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Higher Education & Leadership, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy.

Lauren Breden

Director of Brand Experience

Creative strategist and designer with a love for moving shapes and ideas around until they make a beautiful whole. Her experience as a classical singer has inspired her creative work, and continues to give her invaluable insights about people, business and the importance of self-awareness, presence and relaxation in all aspects of life. She is also Rick’s oldest daughter.

Ryan McNicholas

Director of Business Development

Customer-focused professional with 20+ years’ experience collaborating with organizations of various sizes and verticals in order to successfully implement change. Strong focus on trust to help organizations achieve their mission and goals.

Evyn Fox

Project Coordinator

Evyn Fox is a young professional with a proven track record in retail food management. Her primary focus within the company is collaborating closely with the coaching sector, contributing her expertise to enhance organizational processes and communication strategies.

Steve Tinkle

Executive Coach & Consultant

Steve’s mission is to demystify success and be the mentor he never had. With over 20 years of diverse experience globally, partnering with international athletes, NASCAR, several Major League Baseball teams, startups, and collaborating on a NY Times bestselling book, Steve is committed to helping business owners achieve their goals and create value in the world.

Chu Shin

Senior Management Coach

Experienced senior management coach, expertise in real estate, cultural attractions, service industries and the for-profit education sector, Board Director of Love and Care International.

Melissa Blue

Leadership Coach

Melissa Blue is a versatile and distinguished entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in executive leadership, accounting, and financial consulting. Melissa has served as CFO for an international gaming software company, and is also a certified Mindpower Coach, trained by renowned authors Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel.

Tammy Workman-Lopez

Leadership Coach

Tammy Workman, MBA/HCM is an anxiety relief, relationship, & mindset reset coach. She is a licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, energy healer and advocate. She has been working with children, teens, and adults for 23 years, to find a better way of thinking & living; Finding Their Dreams!

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