‘The Great Resignation’: Why Burned Out Employees are Quitting and What They Want

After more than a year-and-a-half of working in a pandemic, burnout levels are going through the roof and employees have had enough. Across the globe, an increasing number of people feel overwhelmed, overworked and burned out. So what do employees want out of their workplace? How can employers avoid losing their top talent? How can you show your younger employees, in particular, that they are valued? Find out in this post.

The Three Essential Traits of an Effective Leader

One of the most rewarding and challenging things about being a leader is the diverse set of skills it requires. You need technical skills and expertise in your field, management skills, planning skills, communication skills and the list goes on. However, in our time working with many companies we’ve found that effective leadership can most often be distilled down to three traits: Integrity, Accessibility & Openness.

20 Quotes to Help You Embrace Change & Uncertainty

As you walk through life, you come to realize that change is inevitable. Our minds, physical bodies and external worlds are constantly in flux and yet we all try so desperately to cling to certainty. But most of the time, and arguably always, if we worked as hard at accepting change as we do to prevent it, our efforts would likely bear a sweeter fruit. Here are 20 quotes to help you navigate and embrace uncertainty and change.