When people grow, your business follows.

Grow your leaders and teams with data-driven insights and transformative individual, group and team coaching experiences.

The more self-awareness, the less people problems. (It’s science.)

Turns out, the more clearly we see ourselves, the better we navigate communication and conflict with others. The E3 Behavioral Assessment, which is backed by decades of research and driven by data, helps your leaders and teams better understand themselves, so they have the awareness they need to rise to every occasion with calm and care.

And the real magic begins when one of our coaches walks you through the results—and how to put them to use.

E3 All Access

A 90-minute introductory group coaching workshop for employees of all levels, providing high-level awareness of individual strengths and growth areas.

E3 Coaching

A 4-session, 1:1 coaching program to enhance self- awareness and personal and professional growth, focused on developing a behavioral action plan based on their assessment results.

The Executive Coaching Experience

A self-development program consisting of 9 -12 sessions focused on heightening self- awareness and providing sustainable tools for behavior change through 1:1 sessions, partner accountability, and group learning

Team E3 Coaching

Team coaching workshops using The Comparison & Conflict reports that foster greater understanding among team members and improve communication and collaboration.

Powerful Coaching reports that bring awareness to you and your team.


Understand & develop employee strengths and growth areas.

The Coaching Report provides an individual’s Key Behavioral Traits, Potential Insights, Growth Recommendations, and Tools.

The benchmark reports

Help your employees grow in their role.

The Benchmarks Report highlights the behavioral scales of a role benchmark and provides practical growth recommendations for the scales where a person is outside the benchmark.

Comparison & conflict

Improve communication
& collaboration.

Team workshops using the Comparison and Conflict report that foster understanding among teams and improve communication and collaboration.

The Essentials executive experience

Bring awareness to those who can set the example.

The Essentials Executive Experience uses our E3 Behavioral Assessment, team coaching workshop, and individual coaching sessions to help your executive leaders see themselves, and others, more clearly. Our program heightens awareness. It improves communication and understanding. And it fosters the kind of C-suite dynamic leaders wish for—but may not know how to create.

The Essentials Executive Experience opens up a next-level ability to inspire others, fuel a culture, and grow your business. It’s a win, win, win.

"Using the E3 has allowed us to understand how we can best work together to achieve goals."

Behavioral Essentials has provided a framework for coaching conversations that has helped my team navigate change while improving the way we communicate and collaborate together. Using the E3 has allowed us to understand our natural behavioral tendencies and how we can best work together to achieve goals.
Angelique Smith

Director of Faculty Development & Affairs, Private Arts University

Your projections are about to get a whole lot clearer.

When you and the people around you are more self-aware, it’s like the pieces of your business suddenly start to fall into place. The capability and success of your teams grows, and so does your business.