Your organization thrives when your people do.

Grow and retain your people with transformative individual, group and team coaching workshops that drive performance.

Products that unlock individual and team potential.

Through the use of our behavioral assessment, our coaching products proactively foster well-being and develop the behaviors, mindsets, and skills employees need for peak performance.

E3 All Access

A 90-minute introductory group workshop that helps individuals connect to their core motivators and behavioral tendencies in a supportive group environment. 

E3 Coaching

E3 Coaching includes four 1:1 coaching sessions to enhance self-awareness and personal growth. It is available for all employees, providing a meaningful and efficient coaching program.

The Executive Coaching Experience

A transformational 9 session program for rising or existing leaders supports individuals in becoming their best self through 1:1 coaching sessions, partner accountability, and group learning.

Team E3 Coaching

Team workshops using The Comparison & Conflict reports that foster greater understanding among team members and improve communication and collaboration.

Powerful Coaching reports that transform your employee's life inside and outside the office.


Understand & develop employee strengths and growth areas.

The Coaching Report highlights a person’s seven key behavioral traits and provides growth recommendations for three of the most extreme traits.

The benchmark & Culture coaching reports

Help your employees grow in their role & in your culture.

The Benchmark & Culture Coaching Reports highlight the behavioral scales of a role or culture fit benchmark and provide practical growth recommendations for the scales where a person is outside the benchmark.

Comparison & conflict

Improve communication
& collaboration.

Team workshops using the Comparison and Conflict report that foster understanding among teams and improve communication and collaboration.

The Essentials executive experience

Cultivate greater understanding on your executive team.

Because organizational transformation begins at the top, we offer The Essentials Executive Experience as an essential introduction to our tools and services.

This experience heightens self-awareness through individual coaching and culminates in a group workshop to cultivate greater understanding among the executive team. This experience also serves as a key discovery phase for our team to get to know your organization and leaders.


Increase your influence
& team performance.

With managers responsible for at least 70% variance in their employees’ engagement and 96% of employees wanting to hear feedback regularly, you as a leader have a unique opportunity to be deliberate about how you motivate each of your employees. What’s in it for you? A team that is loyal, passionate, and performing at their best.

"Using the E3 has allowed us to understand how we can best work together to achieve goals."

Behavioral Essentials has provided a framework for coaching conversations that has helped my team navigate change while improving the way we communicate and collaborate together. Using the E3 has allowed us to understand our natural behavioral tendencies and how we can best work together to achieve goals.
Angelique Smith

Director of Faculty Development & Affairs, Private Arts University

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