Behaviors make or break a business. We help you make it.

A talent assessment and coaching platform that helps organizations hire better and grow leaders and teams.  

What we do

We help you define, hire
& develop key people.

The long-term success of your organization depends on your ability to hire, develop and retain key people – and provide coaching to those who may need more development. Using data from our behavioral assessment, suite of tools & reports, and team of professional coaches and consultants, we help companies hire and develop people with behaviors that match their company’s culture as well as their job requirements, and equip leaders with coaching tools to cultivate a thriving workforce.

Assess, align & define the behavioral requirements of your company's roles & culture.

Immediately identify people who have the right behavioral requirements for the role and your company culture.

Develop & retain your employees & executive team with coaching and workshops tailored to your company's roles and culture.

the be system

Science-backed solutions for your entire ecosystem.

We believe your company is an ecosystem where all parts must flourish for the whole to succeed. We transform your people strategy by providing science-backed solutions that connect all the elements of your ecosystem so that both your people and organization can thrive. 


Assess candidates and scientifically match behaviors and core values to your company’s position and culture.


Grow and retain your people with transformative individual, group, and team coaching workshops that drive performance.


Intentionally designed experiences in nature to refocus, recharge & re-energize your leadership team.

Here's how our behavioral assessment platform can help your people & organization thrive.

step 1: Define

Develop a role benchmark based on key team members.

To hire well it’s important to match candidates’ core psychology and behaviors to the behavioral requirements of the role, and equally important to match them to the culture of your organization.

Through assessment, data analysis and strategic consultation, we develop benchmarks for your key roles, taking essential elements of your culture into consideration.

step 2: Hire

Use the benchmarks to hire the right people.

Using the benchmarks, you hire people who have the right behavioral requirements for the role and  your company culture.

step 3: Develop

Develop & retain top talent.

To retain your top performers, you need to show you value their development as much as they do — and it’s important for them to understand the behaviors they need to develop in order to progress.

The Benchmark Coaching Report helps employees and managers identify growth opportunities based on benchmarks and set clear behavioral pathways for career advancement.

Your company is unique - we make sure our platform works for you.

Shaped by your needs

We take the time to fully get to know your organization’s unique needs, culture and processes and customize your platform. 

Easily adopted

Our simple interface and reporting make it easy for you and your managers to assess candidates and employees and quickly view & share reports via email. 

Custom Care

We'll make sure our tools fit perfectly with your business and won't leave your side until you're seeing an impact.

Impact studies

Our customers love our products & people.

Successful businesses across the country—from startups to enterprises—use Behavioral Essentials to hire, lead and transform their culture. ​

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