Why You Should Use Behavioral Assessments for Hiring

Technical Skills matter when you’re making a hire, but they’re only one piece of the puzzle.  You don’t just want to hire someone who can adequately perform tasks without knowing if they are naturally suited for the role, will resonate with your company’s culture, and generally be happy  and thrive in their job. Fortunately, by using a Behavioral Assessment in your hiring process you can predict those other pieces of the puzzle by looking at actual data on how candidates are expected to behave in a given role or a work situation. Here are a few reasons to consider using a behavioral assessment in your hiring process.

Data-Driven Insights

Do you weigh first impressions too heavily? Using Behavioral Assessments gives you the ability to look at actual data, not simply relying on observations or gut feelings to make decisions.  A candidate may come in and have a great interview but they could have behavioral traits that could impact their job satisfaction and performance.  By looking at behavioral data, you can boost your awareness of these traits and make more informed decisions before you even bring them into interview-saving you time, and money.

Role & Culture Alignment

By using a behavioral assessment, you can identify the behaviors a candidate needs to thrive in both the position and your organization. Before you even schedule an interview, you can create a Role Benchmark and instantly see which candidates are naturally suited to thrive.  Knowing what behavioral traits are needed to be successful within a given role and your culture is essential to ensuring not only a hiring success but a happy hire. When a candidate has behaviors that are naturally aligned with your job and culture, they instantly experience more ease, flow, and fulfillment in their professional journey. And you save time, and money in the hiring process. It’s a win-win.

Decreased Employee Turnover

Happy employees stick around. If you’re able to gauge what a candidate’s natural inclinations are and what kind of culture makes them comfortable, you can hire accordingly and have data to consult in order to communicate more effectively and encourage their success.

Standardized Interviews

Having behavioral data of candidates can help you develop structured interview questions based on their behavioral tendencies. It can also provide helpful suggestions on how to communicate with and motivate others.

Automated Efficiency

Recruiting can be a time-consuming process.  On average, it takes 52 days to fill an open position.  By utilizing a behavioral assessment in your hiring process, you can lighten the load, both figuratively and literally for your HR team and get positions filled faster and more accurately.  Instead of lugging around reports and resumés, everything is automated and instantly accessible online. With our E3 Behavioral Assessment, you’ll be able to identify high-potential candidates fast with an easy-to-use web app that provides clear behavioral insights.

Interested in learning more about how you can start using our E3 behavioral assessment to hire great candidates? Get in touch today!

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