How We Help

We manage the unseen. We all have blind spots - it’s why they stick mirrors on cars. Our assessment will help you avoid these blind spots and determine a customized course of action for recruitment, realignment, and development using our cultural and individual snapshots, conflict and connection reports, interactive content and on-site workshops, webinars and conferences.


Customized tools to use when making critical decisions about who to bring - or avoid bringing - into your ecosystem and how you can expect them to behave in their roles.

Conflict + Realignment

Our suite of conflict prediction tools allows you to compare individual results and see potential areas of clashing. You can also use our Conflict Assessment tool as a mediating device.


Our interpersonal coaching tools do the heavy lifting - the talking and explaining - they increase self awareness, detect areas of improvement and provide growth development action steps.

Proven Results from
Transparent Tools

Our streamlined, science-based system gives you an exceptionally beneficial behavioral perspective that shows where a person is right now in their life and how they can make changes to improve their performance. Using our BE Success Survey and reports, we can provide talent strategy, leadership development and succession planning. We give you tools to quickly hire people who fit within your company culture or re-align people who don’t. We figure out who works best together and on certain projects. We show you how to validate your partner, or deal with a troubled employee or family member so you can accurately develop your teams fast.

How it Works

  • 1


    Identify a potential hire, manager, employee or team who will then complete our online behavioral assessment, the BE Success survey. This takes less than 10 minutes.

  • 2

    Receive Results

    Results are delivered quickly and a snapshot of the respondent’s behaviors are identified on an easy to read chart, measuring 21 behavioral scales that indicate natural tendencies from proactivity to self-control to creativity.

  • 3

    Recruit + Realign + Develop

    Based on the results and your needs, we give you a customized direction and plan that allows our tools and reports to help you quickly identify a person’s fit, where they can develop, and any areas of potential conflict.

Subscription Set-Up

You will be charged $200 for your portal set up, which includes access to your results console.  You will be charged $49 a month for your subscription so your first charge will be $249.