The BE Success Survey

Using the BE success survey and its streamlined reports,
you can accurately hire and develop your people.

The BE Success Survey is an effective, yet simple, scientifically-validated, cloud based assessment that measures key behaviors and motivators. One simple tool will identify the behavioral traits of you, your employees, or potential candidates. The tool also raises self awareness which is often a key component of any positive change.

The BE Success Survey

The BE Success Survey identifies 21 behavioral scales, and the core motivators of an individual. By simply scrolling over the high and low scales, the definition of that scale pops up in your browser. For any job or relationship, certain scales are critical to success. Knowing those scales takes the stress away from hiring and development.

  • Hiring
  • Coaching

Adjective Checklist Methodology

The BE Success Survey features adjectives because they can predict individual tendencies more accurately than statements or questions.

Focuses on Behaviors

The results focus directly on how a person behaves so we can recommend actionable steps to help improve their work and personal life.

Valid & Reliable

Our science-based system has established methodologies that have been tested with over 550,000 people. The BE Success Survey does what it says consistently over time, and is EEO compliant.

Simple & Instant

The BE Success survey is easy to administer, takes 8-10 minutes to complete and the results are delivered instantly.

Streamlined Reports help you accurately hire and develop your people.

Using our BE Success Survey and resulting reports, we can help you determine if a candidate has the necessary behavioral traits for a role and how you can best help your existing employees grow personally and professionally.

  • Determine the behavioral traits necessary for a role by using the Role Benchmark and Cultural Fit Report. 
  • Quickly assess a candidate or employee’s behavioral traits with the StepUp Report. 
  • Spend less time screening candidates with the Hire BEtter Report.
  • Improve your interviews by using Behavioral Questions. 

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