The BE Success Survey

Using the BE success survey and its streamlined reports,
you can accurately hire and develop your people.

The BE Success Survey is an effective, yet simple, scientifically-validated, cloud based assessment that measures the key behaviors and motivators associated with success or failure. One simple tool will identify where you or your team are performing well and identify areas of opportunity. The tool also raises self awareness which is often a key component of any positive change.

Adjective Checklist Methodology

The BE Success Survey features adjectives because they can predict individual tendencies more accurately than statements or questions.

Focuses on Behaviors

The results focus directly on how a person behaves so we can recommend actional steps to help improve their work and personal life.

Valid & Reliable

Our science-based system has established methodologies that have been tested with over 550,000 people. The BE Success Survey does what it says consistently over time, and is EEO compliant.

Simple & Instant

The BE Success survey is easy to administer, takes 8-10 minutes to complete and the results are delivered instantly.



You Grow what you Plant.

Using the fruits harvested from the BE Success Survey, we can customize tools to quickly see if a potential employee is a favorable fit or potential clash. Our predictive tools will quickly give you highly accurate data to use when making critical decisions about who to bring - or avoid bringing - into your ecosystem and how you can expect them to behave in their roles, on teams, as leaders and during times of change. From there, we cultivate a plan for homegrown care.

Starter Package Includes:

  • 10 BE Success Surveys for candidates to take.
  • A Personal Online Portal for you to assess candidates.
  • A Results Console which allows you to access reports of candidates you test.
  • The Individual Snapshot Report: Places the candidate on a scale of 1 to 100 in 21 different behavioral scales
  • The StepUp Report: Detects areas of improvement and provides growth development action steps

Packages starting at $750

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Bring Harmony to your Ecosystem.

Workshops are a great way for you to experience the power of our tools and people, in a way that is simple and cost effective. Our introductory workshops generally last 2 hours.

To begin, we give you the opportunity to assess the people attending the workshop through our cloud based assessment portal. Based on the results, we customize the workshop to the psychology and behavioral characteristics of the audience. The deep insights provided by our tools before the workshop cultivate the soil so something beautiful can grow.

Finally, since we deal with literally everything that happens with people from simple team interactions to the complex issues such as long term conflict, chemical dependency, even death of key team members, we can support you with whatever need arises.

Packages starting at $750

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Peak Performance Retreats

Learn & Grow.

Unlike anything you have likely experienced, our custom retreats combine beautiful, pristine nature with customized learning to create optimum conditions for lasting growth. Based on deep knowledge gained from ancient practices, combined with advances in neuro-psychology, ecology, mindfulness and systems thinking, we focus on creating the necessary conditions for real, lasting transformation.

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Tend to your Crops.

One of the best ways to cultivate a thriving workforce is to build a self-aware organization. When employees and leaders have heightened awareness of their core motivators and natural behaviors, that awareness becomes a catalyst for personal development. Self-awareness encourages everyone to understand how they see the world and how the world sees them. Our coaching sessions will help you become more aware of your strengths and the things that hold you back and provide you with an actionable behavioral plan so that you can be the most effective in your role and learn to build more meaningful and harmonious relationships.


  • 45 min- 1 hr. Coaching Sessions with one of our trained consultants, which results in your own actionable behavioral plan for self-growth.
  • Access to our BE Success Survey Online Course for you to learn more about the Assessment and how to use it to better understand yourself and others.

Packages starting at $750

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