The Inaugural BE Coaching Certification Retreat

A few short weeks ago, Behavioral Essentials hosted our first Coaching Certification Retreat in the beautiful Jemez Mountains in New Mexico. Professionals from across the country joined us for an intimate experience unlike any other work retreat they’ve attended. We quickly immersed them in beautiful natural surroundings and talked about the real issues that they face in their everyday lives, both personally and professionally, and gave them resources to grow themselves and their people. No fluorescent lights and tight workshop schedules- only nature, community and good food, all while learning how to be a better coach and human “being.”  Curious what this looked like? Here’s a rundown: 

The Retreat

“The Behavioral Essentials team provided a retreat experience that was atypical of any training, certification, or retreat I’ve participated in before. Their learning outcomes were tangible and experiential, rooted in self-care and overall well-being.  Being in The Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, seeing the insanely beautiful earth and feeling it flow through my being with such force and power recharged me in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. What a powerful experience!”

-Spencer, Orlando, Florida

Our Coaching Certification Retreat is not like your typical corporate workshop. The program is limited to a maximum of 7 participants and takes place in a remote cabin in the Jemez Mountains, outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Indoor cabin sessions are personally led by CEO, Rick Breden, and other members of the Behavioral Essentials team, and are broken up by mindfulness practices in nature, homemade meals together, a hot springs soak, and campfires. During the duration of the retreat, we cover these topics:

  • The BE Four Essential Attitudes
  • The Three BE Zones
  • Awareness of Natural Principles in the Workplace
  • Basic Practices to deepen Presence & Relaxation
  • The BE Coaching Workflow & Resources
  • The BE Tool Kit & Using the Tools as a Coach
  • The Interaction of the 21 Behavioral Scales 
  • Identifying & Managing Growth Areas
  • How to Detect and Manage Conflict using our Tools
  • The Importance and Practice of Compassion

Once you have completed the two days in the Jemez Mountains, you have personal access to CEO, Rick Breden. You will meet with Rick via video conference or in person at least once a month for six months, covering anything you want, from the purely professional to the deeply personal. Rick will go where you want to go, helping you be the best YOU can be. 

The certification also includes 50 assessments for you to use in your practice or company, and the total investment is $6,000, with an initial $1000 deposit to secure your spot.

“If you’re thinking through the decision to attend a Behavioral Essentials retreat – don’t think, just do! This experience was personal, supportive, and the setting was one of individuals growing with each other. I walked away with a new understanding that will further support myself ,but more importantly, that I feel confident will continue to support and impact others. The immense focus on coaching through integrative tools and a people-first approach was ingrained in everything we learned;  From our sessions learning in a cozy mountain cabin to taking our sessions to-go in nature. The setting of lush green trees and fresh mountain air in the backdrop of the Jemez Mountains served for a magical engagement. I feel that I left the retreat with solid foundational knowledge. Having worked with the Behavioral Essentials team leading up to this moment, we already had a great understanding – but in having this experience I have grown in connection to all the people there – extending our own focuses with each other and gaining support through relationship.” 

-Kassey, Denver, CO

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