Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Support

Opposite to last week’s behavioral scale deep dive, we all know someone who cares about people deeply and is always going out of their way to be kind and encouraging. Here’s how to understand employees with a high support score, and manage them in a way that helps them succeed.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: Low Support

In this week’s behavioral scale deep dive, we explore the natural tendencies of someone with a low support score and give advice to best manage and encourage their growth.

The Importance of Support as a Leader

Through our work with many CEO’s, we’ve found that one of the essential behavioral traits of a mindful, effective leader is Support. When you lead with support, you foster loyalty and high morale, and in return, you’ll be rewarded with high productivity and happy people.

Digging Deeper

In this episode of Natural Tendencies, Rick speaks with Deepak Kumar, a successful Director of Business Operations, about his strengths and growth areas using the results of our behavioral assessment, The BE Success Survey.