Get out of your Head and Come to your Senses: Session 6

In Session 6, Rick leads you through a relaxation technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

The Importance of Self-Care for Leaders

As a leader, it’s easy to think that 15 hour work days are the key to success. However, if you are able to dedicate more time to take care of yourself and chill out, you’ll be more centered and better equipped to lead your people effectively.

Leadership Essentials: Lesson 2

In the second lesson of the Leadership Essentials series, Rick explores the importance of relaxation as a leader and the many benefits it can bring.

Anxiety & The Vagus Nerve

In this week’s podcast episode, Rick talks about anxiety and it’s relationship to the Vagus Nerve and provides you with a simple, 3-minute practice that can help you start to overcome it.

Relaxing the Inner Critic

In this discussion and meditation, Rick briefly addresses the dissatisfaction we all experience in our lives and provides a meditation to ease the endless cycle of craving and clinging. He begins with a very short form of Progressive Muscle Relaxation, a well researched behavioral therapy technique that helps calm the body, and then guides you through a slower paced breath meditation focused on relaxation.

Learning How to Relax

How many times have we been told to relax? The typical result of such a question is becoming more uptight or even angry. Learn how to identify tension and start to relax in this post.

Dealing with Painful Emotions

In this episode, Rick discusses the many obscurations and blockages that contribute to our suffering, how we can become aware of them, and learn how to relax and release.