Get Out of your Head and Come to Your Senses: Session 2

In session two of “Get out of your head and come to your senses,” Rick expands on the breathing meditation he lead in session one, adding a simple, scientifically validated technique to calm the mind and body when you’re experiencing strong emotions during a crisis.

Prioritizing Self-Care During COVID-19

It’s strange that during a time when we’re forced to slow down it seems like our minds are racing a marathon. Floods of new information are coming into our consciousness almost hourly and it can send you into a tailspin if you aren’t intentional about what you choose to bring in, what you choose to leave out, and how you manage difficult information and emotions.
Here are a few tips on how to prioritize self-care during the pandemic.

Get Out of your Head and Come to Your Senses: Session 1

In response to the global trauma and grief of COVID-19, Behavioral Essentials is leading a live meditation, mental hygiene and variety show every weekday. This podcast series includes live recordings from the sessions so that you can enjoy the content at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

In session one, Rick leads you through an introductory breathing meditation to cope with anxiety you may be experiencing from COVID-19 and to connect you back to your senses.

Like a Bridge over Troubled Water

In this heart wrenching (and warming) episode of Natural Tendencies, Rick speaks with artist & musician, Shawn Rinehart, about his most tragic and impactful life event and how he leaned on his own strengths and the love of community to process his loss and grief.  Despite the chaos that his family was thrust into after the event, the darkness was overcome through forgiveness and empathy, and he was able to deal with tragedy and move forward with the realization that we are connected with the earth and those who have passed in phenomenal and life-giving ways.

If you’re interested in donating to The Sophie Fund, a program of The Music for All Foundation in memory of Sophie Rinehart that awards funds to further and promote music education for students in Warrick County and Southern Indiana, please click here.