Low Creativity as a Strength

In this quick podcast episode, Rick explores a client example where having a low creativity score was a huge strength.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Creativity

In this quick podcast episode, Rick shares a story about how his high creativity score has effected him in his own life and gives advice on how to find balance if you’re highly creative.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Creativity

In this week’s behavioral scale deep dive, we explore the natural tendencies of someone with a High Creativity score and give advice to best manage and encourage their growth.

How to Manage Highly Creative Employees

Allowing the creative juices to flow within guidelines, deadlines and the demands of modern business is a constant test for the skilled manager when dealing with “creative types.” However, if you know how to nurture their creativity to help them grow, your company will reap many benefits. Here are some tips to encourage that growth.

Digging Deeper

In this episode of Natural Tendencies, Rick speaks with Deepak Kumar, a successful Director of Business Operations, about his strengths and growth areas using the results of our behavioral assessment, The BE Success Survey. 

Chucking Kale at your Husband with Meredith Cochie Ross

In Episode 4 of Natural Tendencies Rick talks to a passionate creative who struggles with dealing with the “spongey” stuff that occupies her mind and the dissatisfaction inherent in being creative…sometimes manifesting into throwing kale at her husband. (Featuring a guest appearance by an epic thunderstorm… )