Combatting Kali

In Episode 5 of Natural Tendencies, Rick speaks with Yogi and Entrepreneur, “Kali” Necrason about the importance of names and how their spiritual significance has informed her perception of herself.  She talks about how she is constantly combatting her innate and intense forward energy and aggression because she sees it as the antithesis of her core spiritual self. However, instead of killing that part of her, Rick encourages her to embrace that quality and be aware of it, celebrating that at our core we all have basic goodness and encourages her to build a case for why she’s okay instead of why she’s not.

Practices Mentioned in the Episode:

  • When anger arises, it is important to notice that anger and frustration are a part of you. By reconnecting your mind and body through breath, you can calm down and treat your emotions with tenderness and respect.
    • “Breathing in I know that anger is inside of me. Breathing out I smile to my anger and I accept that my anger is a part of me.”