Frequently Asked Questions

Admin Dashboard

  • Why do my selections disappear when I use “filter by”?

    Using the "Filter by" pull down will refresh the page and all selections will be removed.

  • What browser is best to use when viewing the Admin Dashboard?

    Firefox Browser is preferred, especially if you have large quantities of data on your dashboard. 

  • Trouble logging into the Admin Dashboard

    Trouble logging in? Please make sure you’re not copying or pasting an extra character, including spaces. Also, because your username and password are case sensitive, make sure your caps lock is turned off.

  • Why aren’t all my results showing on the dashboard?

    The Admin Dashboard defaults to the past 30 days. You can adjust the “filter by” period by using the pull-down menu at the top to select your desired timeframe, including an option to view “all time.” When viewing a lot of results, it's best to use Firefox as your browser.

  • My selections for The Comparison Report keep disappearing

    If you change the day filter while selecting results for The Comparison Report, your selections will be lost. To avoid this, it’s best to filter by your desired timeframe before using the search bar to search the data that has been loaded. 

  • When I’m generating The Comparison Report, how do I get all the way down to the compare button if I have a lot of results?

    After selecting the results you want to compare, you can type random letters in the search bar to instantly pull the compare button to the top. 

The E3 Assessment

  • Is the E3 Assessment EEOC compliant?

    Yes, The E3 Assessment was determined EEO compliant by a prominent employment law firm before we went to the market in 2006.