Customized Hiring Benchmarks

Using behavioral data from successful staff in the industry, we have formulated custom hiring benchmarks that will immediately and accurately determine whether a candidate has the behavioral traits necessary to be successful in a specific role-before you even interview them.

Front of House Employee

Back of House Employee

General Manager

Simple & Fast Process

  • 1


    Identify a potential employee (front of house, back of house or general manager) who will then complete our online behavioral assessment, the BE Success survey. This takes less than 10 minutes.

  • 2

    Receive Results

    Results are delivered quickly and a snapshot of the respondent’s behaviors are identified on an easy to read chart, measuring 21 behavioral scales that indicate their natural tendencies.

  • 3

    Compare to Benchmark

    Using the Hire Better report, you'll be able to immediately see if the employee is a match for the benchmark. This report also provides you with behavioral questions to probe any potential problem areas.

A Specialized Report that saves you time and money.

Don’t waste time interviewing people who don’t meet the behavioral requirements of the job. Once your potential employee takes our Behavioral Assessment, you’ll have access to The Hire Better Report™ , which gives you an immediate understanding of fit for the role and interview questions to assess relevant behavioral traits.

Pricing that Makes Sense

We think charging $50 per assessment should be a crime. With our recurring subscription plans you don’t have to worry about paying for each person you assess and you can assess as many candidates as you want, whenever you want, for one fixed price.

Monthly Subscription
1 Location
Unlimited Assessments
Behavioral Interview Questions
The Hire Better Report
One time set-up fee of $500
Annual Subscription
1 Location- 2 Free Months
Unlimited Assessments
Behavioral Interview Questions
The Hire Better Report
One time set-up fee of $500


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