With Behavioral Essentials, you can accurately identify the overall success potential of candidates and only interview people that best fit the role and your culture.. saving you time and money.

Filter Candidates

Look at data on what drives a person so that you can hire based on their natural tendency to perform well in the role.

Hire to your Culture

Hire people whose behavioral drives coincide with your company’s culture.

Feel Confident

Eliminate the need to rely on gut feelings and feel confident about your hiring decision right away.

Engage & Retain

Anticipate, manage and resolve people-related issues long before problems arise.

I don't think you can afford not to do it.

The BE Success Survey has had such a positive impact on our training, our hiring, and our whole overall business experience. It's been amazing, I don't think you can afford not to do it.

-Vic Cassano, CEO of Cassano's Pizza


Behavioral Questions

Probe areas of misalignment during the interview process and find your fit faster.

The Cultural Benchmark

Profile your best & brightest employees and create a Cultural benchmark to compare candidates to.

The Hire BEtter Report

The Hire BEtter Report gives you a quick understanding of fit for the role and interview questions to assess relevant behavioral traits.

Manager's Report

Understand your potential employee's 7 Key Behavioral Attributes & Recommended growth areas.

The Role Benchmark

Using Data from your best employees,
we create a benchmark for a specific
role/ position and overlay prospective employee’s data during the hiring process.


Assess the Job

Your best employees take the BE success survey so we can identify the behavioral characteristics needed to create a hiring benchmark.

Assess the Candidate

All applicants complete the success survey and you get immediate insights into their behavioral tendencies to see if they are a good fit.

Assess the Fit

Our reports and tools help you quickly identify whether someone is a good fit while providing customized time saving interview questions.