Hire & retain key talent.

Using our behavioral assessment, you can assess candidates and scientifically match behaviors and values to your position and culture.

Start hiring employees who will love their jobs. ​

At Behavioral Essentials we know the complexity of finding and hiring talent. To hire well it’s important to match candidates’ core psychology and behaviors to the behavioral requirements of the role, and equally important to match them to the desired culture of your organization. So what happens if as an organization, you can match a candidates’ behavioral strengths with your company’s culture, as well as the job requirements? You hire candidates who are likely to hit the ground running and retain.

Assess & hire in three simple steps.

Create Benchmarks

Depending on your organizations needs, we work with you to develop a custom benchmark for a role and your company culture. 

Survey Candidates

Invite your candidates to take the E3 Assessment to see how well they align with your role and culture benchmarks.

Hire your perfect match- every time.

Instantly see if a candidate fits the benchmarks and use Behavioral Questions to confirm, evaluate, and explore during the interview. 

the role benchmark

Identify the right fit fast.

Using data from your best employees, and through consultation, we create a benchmark for a specific role and overlay a candidate’s data to assess behavioral fit.


Add to and expand your culture.

Through an in-depth culture study with your executive team, we create a benchmark of the most important behavioral scales for your company’s culture and overlay a candidate’s data.


Standardize your
interview process.

Behavioral Questions based on an applicant’s key behavioral traits help you to explore behaviors outside the benchmarks during an interview.

THE Hire better report

Instantly prioritize candidates.

One simple report gives you a quick understanding of fit for the role and customizable interview questions based on the applicant’s behaviors.

Start hiring & retaining key talent.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can start using behavioral benchmarks to find your perfect match.