You can't do good work without good people.

The E3 Behavioral Assessment gives you data-driven insights to hire people who will thrive in their roles and your culture.

Understand what type of worker a person is before you hire them.

(Or don’t hire them.)

The BE Platform gives you a data-driven, holistic view of a candidate’s pattern of behaviors—before you decide whether to hire them (or not). It was created from the ground up to provide the insights you need to choose the right person for the job from the get-go. It does it by helping you identify candidates naturally aligned with the role, and company culture.

Because when a candidate is naturally suited for the role, it not only leads to immediate ease, flow, and fulfillment in their job, but to a happier, higher functioning, connected, and productive workforce that sticks around. Sure, there’s value in trusting your gut. But a few accurate, objective and unbiased behavioral insights never hurt.

Trusting your gut just got a whole lot easier.

Create a Role Benchmark

We work with you to develop a custom benchmark for a role, taking your culture into account.

Assess Candidates

At the beginning of your application process, invite all your candidates to take the E3 to see how well they align with your role benchmark.

Evaluate for Behavioral Alignment

Instantly see if a candidate fits the benchmark and use Behavioral Questions to further explore during the interview.

The role Benchmark

Know what you need before you go looking for it.

The Role Benchmark identifies the behaviors a candidate needs to thrive in both the position and your organization. We work with you to collaboratively curate your benchmark for a specific position, focusing on that role’s core functions while also taking into consideration the organizational culture.

the benchmarks report

Unlock Instant Clarity.

Candidate’s assessments get distilled into a single Behavioral Alignment Score, instantly showing their natural alignment for the role and your culture. You’ll quickly know who will thrive and who may need more work to get there.


Standardize your
interview process.

Use interview questions based on applicants’ behaviors and the behaviors needed to be successful in the role.

Build the teams of your dreams.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can use data-driven behavioral insights to build the teams of your dreams.