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Hello Dear Friends, 
Today I am excited to share our new 10-part podcast series on leadership: Leadership Essentials. We titled this series Leadership Essentials because we wanted to focus on the core attributes of a leader. We define leadership as the ability to influence. So in that sense, we are all leaders. We are always influencing somebody whether we know we are or not. We influence our friends, family members, teammates and coworkers every day through our attitudes, behaviors and values. Ever been on a plane with a screaming baby? I’m pretty sure that baby influenced you in one way or another. And since we are influencing all the time, why not consciously do so in a way that is wholesome. By wholesome, I mean good for you, good for me and sustainable. 
I have had the joy and responsibility of coaching hundreds of leaders over the course of my 30+ year career as a psychotherapist, executive coach and CEO of Behavioral Essentials. In that time, we have tried to continuously refine our material down to what matters the most, to the Essentials. And that’s what you’re getting here today, the essentials of effective leadership based on our experience and a deep dive into the leadership literature both modern and ancient. 
Here’s an example: The Preeminent organizational psychology researchers Kouzes and Posner have determined that the most important factor in effective leadership is integrity, and they define integrity as simply doing what you say you will do. Imagine that, if I simply do what I say I will do, I’m well down the road of being an effective leader. Now that’s clearly essential. 
Along with the concepts, each podcast will also have a practice to help you hone and develop the skill being taught. 
I’m thrilled you are joining me today, and my aspiration for you is that you become a highly effective leader, one who leads in a way that is 100% wholesome: good for you, good for me, sustainable. 
Let's get started!
-Rick Breden, CEO
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