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How many times have we been told to relax? The typical result of such a question is becoming more uptight or even angry. However, the ability to relax has many significant benefits. Among them; better focus, deepened sense of presence, stress reduction, anxiety relief, and an improved ability to listen. These are some of the powerful results of cultivating relaxation.  In fact, I would add that learning how to relax may be the single most important skill you will ever learn. 

In today's podcast, we will be practicing a simple body scan moving into a technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation, a technique developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson and presented first in 1908 at Harvard University. And like most techniques, consistency over time is suggested to experience best results. As always, I suggest incorporating our four essential attitudes of gentleness, patience, curiosity and a sense of humor into your practice. Relaxation cannot be forced. That seems obvious. Traditionally, PMR sessions are an hour, but in today’s fast paced word, an hour can seem like an eternity.


Today’s session will be less than 10 minutes and will provide you with a strong foundation to either extend or shorten the session as you desire.


I also prefer to do this and most practices outside with the support of nature. We are, after all, a part of nature. There’s something beautiful and healing about experiencing the solidity of Earth supporting us, the plants and trees breathing with us and the gentle symphony of the birds, breeze, smells and colors available to support.


Our practice, whether inside or outside begins by establishing a seated upright posture… feet planted in front of you and a nice straight back and head. 

Happy practicing and as I like to say, relax into it!
-Rick Breden, CEO

New Podcast: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In this podcast, Rick helps you relax your mind and body through a 
technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  This technique is a 
wonderful way to slow down excessive thinking and rumination, and 
creates awareness of your body in the present moment. 

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