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Hello dear friends, 

What is the state of your mind right now? This question is so important to ask, because it creates a pause or gentle wake up. We can then realize that, more often than not, our mind is either distracted, or "out there," somewhere in the past or somewhere in the future. By asking this simple question regularly, we begin to realize how rarely we are actually present, mind and body connected, with the reality of right now, the only moment that ever truly exists. No need to feel guilty or judge this realization, just notice, and come back to now. 
Along these lines, so many of our difficulties in life can be attributed to leaving the present moment. Once we have left the here and now, our true home, we also lose touch with the wonders available right now. Small children are almost always rooted in the present. A bug crawling, a cool rock, an ice cream cone, almost anything anchors them to the present. They live in the world of wonder, of curiosity and play. As adults, most of us have forgotten this innate ability to be truly free. This forgetfulness consumes us with worry, anxiety, distractedness and restlessness, always waiting for the next thing to make us happy. 
This weeks podcast helps us connect with here and now; support from every direction, literally. Have a listen, and I bet you experience the marvelous shift, if even for a short while, into all the beauty and joy that is always present for us, once we simply reconnect to NOW. 
Off to the mountains,
-Rick Breden, CEO

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In this episode of Natural Tendencies, Rick talks about the importance of connecting with nature and guides you through a practice he calls “Support from all Directions” that celebrates the wonderful realities that are around us all the time.   

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