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Who needs coaching? Everyone. Who thinks they need coaching? Very few. So why does everyone need coaching? Simple, we all have blind spots that hold us back, or worse, harm ourselves and others. Consider these words uttered over 1400 years ago, and still practiced today: "If I do not examine my own defects, though outwardly a practitioner of truth, I may act contrary to that truth. Therefore, continuously to examine my own faults and give them up is the practice of one who wholeheartedly serves others." 
My mind moves to my daughter, Lauren. Lauren was born to sing. She was gifted with an angelic voice. All of us are born with gifts, and all of us are born with limitations. And Lauren's limitation was extreme performance anxiety. Nice. She began voice lessons (coaching) as a young girl, and cried before and after most every performance for more than a decade, actually, closer to two. She graduated with a vocal performance degree from UNM, and is about to embark on a Masters. We watched her manifest her gift over the weekend, and the slow, painful, and beautiful progress was obvious to all of us who have been a part of this journey. What Lauren may not realize, is that her lifelong commitment to coaching is really about self-mastery, and has ironically lead to an intense study of the breath, just like her father. 
We know our true priorities by where we spend our time and how we spend our money. Spending time and money on self mastery in the service of others, to me, is living a well prioritized life. 
-Rick Breden, CEO

New Podcast: Breathing Into Your Center

In this episode of Natural Tendencies, Rick guides you through a wonderful & quick meditation that focuses on breathing into your center in order to calm the body and mind.  

The Level Up Executive Coaching Process 

Our Level Up Executive Coaching process will help you become more aware of your strengths and the things that hold you back and provide you with a customized action plan so that you can learn to better lead yourself, your team and your entire organization. Get Started Today!
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Overcoming Overwhelm in a Fast-Paced World

At the end of the day, life will always be busy. However, by becoming aware of your own tendencies and incorporating small practices that slow you down and bring you back to your center, you can learn how to deal with “overwhelm”mode in a healthy way, and will maybe even find that you can accomplish more in the process.
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Bob's Pick: Get your name on the NASA Mars Rover!

NASA has introduced a "Send Your Name" campaign that will put your name on the Mars 2020 Rover, leaving a long-term record of your name on the Red Planet.
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