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Being human comes with having an "inner critic" built in. Everyone I know, at times, judges themselves and others. There is a protective function to our inner critic, helping us look both ways before we cross the street and avoid the other multitude of calamities that might befall us. On the other hand, the inner critic often works overtime, whispering or shouting to us that we are not good enough, don't have enough, or that we are somehow lacking. So, quite naturally, we try to be better. But what does better even mean? We can be a better student, employee, friend or lover. We can be a better musician, artist, CPA or lawyer. And all of these things might be valuable aspirations. The downside to being better arrives subtly. We start to identify more with what we do and what we have accomplished, rather than focusing on who we really are, apart from our behavior or accomplishments.  


We are human beings that often believe we are human doings. We feel a temporary high when we succeed, reach new heights, get the degree, promotion, or whatever. And as we know, the high fades, and we move on to the next thing. On and on the story goes. I would call this the true rat race, but that would be a disservice to rats. 


Other than humans, everything else in nature seems to be contented with simply being. It's daffodil season in New Mexico. These lovely, impossibly yellow beings bring me and many others considerable joy. So what are they doing to bring about this joy? They are simply "being" flowers. 


When we realize that our beauty lies mostly in the being and not in the doing, we can learn to rest, relax and trust. From this place of centeredness, what we do becomes more natural and effortless. So all of this begs the question-how do we get there? In this week's podcast, I outline the root of the human problem, and suggest an entry point to a new path, one that leads to what you really want: more peace and joy. As always, I encourage you to challenge what I present, and take a test drive. See for yourself if this path works for you. And by all means, enjoy the ride.

-Rick Breden, CEO
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