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The topic of mindfulness is exploding in the U.S. as you know. There are many types of mindfulness, and all of us are mindful of something. When we are really focused on a task, engaged in a project or other activity, we are mindful. The type of mindfulness we recommend combines focused attention with relaxation. Relaxation is often overlooked or undervalued, but I personally place the ability to relax into whatever is happening inside and outside as perhaps the number one leadership quality to be cultivated. There are countless benefits to relaxation, and one really stands out. When difficult situations arise where we are knocked off balance and emotions flare, knowing how to relax into that very moment keeps us from reacting and creates needed space to then respond in a way that is more helpful. That space or pause can make all the difference in dealing skillfully with the situation or reacting in a way that causes a much bigger problem to solve. The process begins with noticing that you are tightening up and this usually begins in the body. You might feel a shortness of breath, tension in the shoulders, abdomen or other part of your body. Once you notice this tightness, set the gentle intention to relax. From there, you can intentionally lengthen the breath, and this alone, will help the autonomic nervous system to calm down. Almost always, calming down, to the degree you can, creates the space needed for a more helpful response. Be sure to check out the post below, "Learning how to Relax," as a great place to begin the process.

-Rick Breden, CEO
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