Bring awareness to those who can set the example.

For a limited time, you can sign your executive team up for The Essentials Executive Experience with a down payment of $1,000! Before you know it, you’ll be addressing conflict head on, communicating more effectively, and in turn, creating a happier, healthier executive team that drives business growth.

Want to unlock a next-level ability to collaborate, appreciate and elevate your business? It all starts at the top.

That’s why we’ve created a team coaching program that brings awareness to your company’s biggest influencers: leadership.

The Essentials Executive Experience uses our E3 Behavioral Assessment, team coaching workshop, and individual coaching sessions to help your executive leaders see themselves, and others, more clearly. Our program heightens awareness. It improves communication and understanding. And it fosters the kind of C-suite dynamic leaders wish for—but may not know how to create. The Essentials Executive Experience opens up a next-level ability to inspire others, fuel a culture, and grow your business. It’s a win, win, win.

The Essentials Executive Experience includes:

The E3 Behavioral Assessment

Provides data-driven insights of individual and team strengths and growth areas

Individual Coaching Sessions

Heightens self-awareness

Team Coaching Workshop

Uncovers group behavioral patterns and potential conflict areas

Team Review Sessions

Individual sessions to review the assessment results of the team 

Understand the behaviors behind your business.

Individual coaching sessions are all about you.

They build the foundation and establish an awareness and understanding of self. Afterall, you need to see yourself clearly to see yourself in your business.

Get the gears of communication turning.

Uncover group behavioral patterns, spot potential conflict areas, and choose areas you can work on collaboratively.

Get to know each other.

You’ll have individual sessions to review the assessment results of the team to help you work together better (and better yourself in the process).

Data-driven insights for the win.

Gives you the ability to make clear decisions and be intentional with your actions. They can even help inform your organizational strategy.

Our Executive Impact

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Sign your executive team up for The Essentials Executive Experience with a down payment of $1,000 today.