employee development

Coach & develop your employees.

Grow and retain your people with data-driven coaching reports, techniques and workshops that drive performance.

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

Our employee development solution helps companies understand and develop employee strengths and growth areas, provide clear behavioral development plans, and turn managers into effective coaches. 

Coaching Certifications

In this blended learning process (live and virtual) we empower leaders to leverage BE tools and techniques to effectively coach their team, creating employees who feel valued, heard, appreciated, and developed.

Coaching Reports

Life & Performance Coaching Reports help you understand and develop a person’s natural strengths and growth areas and help them grow in their role using benchmarks.

Team Reports

Once you’ve identified your team member’s natural strengths, use The Comparison and Conflict Tool to improve communication and collaboration & maximize performance.

Team Workshops

We customize workshops based on the psychology and behavioral traits of your team, with topics in leadership development, mindfulness, meditation, wellness, mental health, neuroscience, and more.

Powerful Coaching reports that help you
understand & develop your employees.


Understand & develop employee strengths and growth areas.

The Coaching Report highlights a person’s seven key behavioral traits and provides practical growth recommendations and blind spots for each trait.

The benchmark & Culture coaching reports

Help your employees grow in their role & in your culture.

The Benchmark & Culture Coaching Reports highlight the behavioral scales of a role or culture fit benchmark and provide practical growth recommendations for the scales where a person is outside the benchmark.

Comparison & conflict

Improve communication
& collaboration.

Once you’ve identified your team member’s natural strengths, use The Comparison and Conflict Reports to help you maximize teamwork and strategically combine talents.


Increase your influence
& team performance.

With managers responsible for at least 70% variance in their employees’ engagement and 96% of employees wanting to hear feedback regularly, you as a leader have a unique opportunity to be deliberate about how you motivate each of your employees. What’s in it for you? A team that is loyal, passionate, and performing at their best.

"Using the E3 has allowed us to understand how we can best work together to achieve goals."

Behavioral Essentials has provided a framework for coaching conversations that has helped my team navigate change while improving the way we communicate and collaborate together. Using the E3 has allowed us to understand our natural behavioral tendencies and how we can best work together to achieve goals.
Angelique Smith

Director of Faculty Development & Affairs, Private Arts University

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