Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Self-Control

Do you tend to avoid risk? Are you dutiful and reliable? If so, you may be a high scorer in self-control. Let’s take a look at the behavioral traits of someone with a high score in self-control and what managers can do to best encourage their growth.

6 Tips for Introverts to Deal with Zoom Fatigue

Although experts have shown that zoom fatigue is a real thing despite where you land on the extrovert/introvert spectrum, for more extroverted, “life of the party” (high exhibition and networking scorers) people, this type of high-energy environment might not seem too bad on it’s own. However, for more introverted types, a day of constant zooming sounds miserable. Here are six ideas for employees and managers to deal with zoom fatigue.

The Benefits of Mindfulness While Working From Home

There have been numerous studies done that illuminate the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace… but what about while working from home (WFH)? Now that more people are working from their kitchen table, the benefits of mindfulness are being put to the test of helping people maintain balance between personal time and professional tasks. Lucky for us, whether you’re at your office or on your couch, the benefits of mindfulness are still in full effect and are, if anything, even more important.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: Low Exhibition

Are you someone who likes to take the back seat and not be the center of attention? Does speaking up and giving your opinion in a meeting make you anxious? If so, you may be a low scorer in exhibition. Let’s take a look at the behavioral traits of someone with a low score in exhibition and what you can do to best encourage their growth.

4 Ways to Mindfully Embrace Summertime

While so much fun occurs in summer- grilling, swimming, and weekend parties, we can also use this invigorating energy to support us in recharging and cultivating new mindfulness practices that we can grow and go back to during the darkest of winter days.

Level up your Customer Service Reps by looking for these 3 Behaviors

Providing exceptional customer service starts with finding and hiring the right employees for your team. While you’re probably not ever going to find an absolutely perfect employee, some people possess innate behavioral traits that make them more naturally suited for the role. Look for these 3 behavioral traits to level up your customer service reps.

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