Understanding and Coping with Grief

During this period of COVID-19 we may lose our jobs, our possessions, friends, loved ones, activities we love or even our own lives. All of us are losing something as a result of this virus, which will trigger grief in many of us. Start to understand the grief process in this post.

Coping with Anger during the Pandemic

At this difficult time in history, learning how to manage difficult emotions like anger has become increasingly important to your happiness, and the impact, whether positive or negative, you have on others. Learn how to identify and manage anger in this post.

Prioritizing Self-Care During COVID-19

It’s strange that during a time when we’re forced to slow down it seems like our minds are racing a marathon. Floods of new information are coming into our consciousness almost hourly and it can send you into a tailspin if you aren’t intentional about what you choose to bring in, what you choose to leave out, and how you manage difficult information and emotions.
Here are a few tips on how to prioritize self-care during the pandemic.

Five Essential Soft Skills to Become a Better Leader

One of the most rewarding and challenging things about being a leader is the diverse set of skills it requires. You need technical skills and expertise in your field, management skills, planning skills, and the list goes on. However, one set of skills that sometimes falls by the wayside but that’s essential to being an effective leader is soft skills.

How to Practice Mindful Listening

Giving someone your undivided attention in a conversation isn’t easy, but it is a skill we can practice and hone and, if we do, we can cultivate more meaningful relationships along the way.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Although technical skills, drive and experience are all important traits of leaders, they only get you so far in the game. In order to most effectively lead and develop your people, you need another set of skills we believe to be essential to leadership success: Emotional Intelligence.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Proactivity

In this week’s deep dive, we look at someone who scores high in proactivity and give tips on how to best manage and encourage their growth-let’s dive in!

From Human Doing to Human Being: Mindful Tips to Slow Down

We live in a time of chronic busyness, but are we really pressed for time or does the problem lie largely in our own psychology? Find out how to curb constant doing and mindfully slow down in this post.

The Silent Treatment: Passive-Aggressive Tendencies in Low Aggression Scorers

In managing someone with a low aggression score, it’s important to watch out for passive-aggressive behavior, understand where it comes from and know how to help them in a healthy way. Learn more in this post.

Establishing New Year’s Intentions with Mindfulness

Whether we like it or not, the beginning of a new decade cues our minds to reflect and think about habits we want to change, or new things we want to welcome into our life. By establishing your intentions with thoughtful reflection and mindfulness, you’ll be setting yourself up well for a fulfilling journey of personal growth. Here are a few practical steps and ideas to help you stick with your intentions!