Giving Thanks During a Crazy Year

How can you “relish” and “savor” the many gifts in your life this Thanksgiving? This week, it might literally be cranberry relish that you’re grateful for and that’s wonderful.


20 Thoughtful Quotes about Recognizing and Relieving Stress

Stress is at an all-time high for many of us right now with turbulent news popping up on our screens every few minutes. Here are 20 quotes about recognizing and relieving stress to hopefully help you see it in a new light.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Submissiveness

Are you kind and supportive in team settings? Would you rather agree with someone else’s opinion to avoid a conflict? If so, you may be a high scorer in submissiveness. Let’s take a look at the behavioral traits of someone with a high score in submissiveness and what managers can do to best encourage their growth.

6 Tips for Introverts to Deal with Zoom Fatigue

Although experts have shown that zoom fatigue is a real thing despite where you land on the extrovert/introvert spectrum, for more extroverted, “life of the party” (high exhibition and networking scorers) people, this type of high-energy environment might not seem too bad on it’s own. However, for more introverted types, a day of constant zooming sounds miserable. Here are six ideas for employees and managers to deal with zoom fatigue.

Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Self-Critical

Do you find yourself worrying about what might go wrong? Are you often too hard on yourself? If so, you may be a high scorer in self-critical. Let’s take a look at the behavioral traits of someone with a high score in self-critical and what you can do to best encourage their growth.

4 Ways to Cultivate Positivity During Difficult Times

It is in times of extreme suffering and stress that we need to hone in on the positive things that we always have at our disposal, despite what external factors might be working against us. According to famed relational therapist, Esther Perel, “feelings of play, imagination, curiosity, exploration, and pleasure are survival tools that help us counter despair.”Here are four mindful ways you can cultivate positivity during difficult times.

Five Mindful Tips to Maintain Your Digital Wellbeing During Coronavirus

As we all spend more time at home during the pandemic, we’ve all become more dependent on digital technology to live our lives. Here are five mindful tips to maintain your digital wellbeing while we’re all stuck doing everything from our screens.

10 Mindful Tips to Help You Work Smarter from Home

In stressful, anxiety-filled times, sitting down to work can seem like the most exhausting and unproductive thing. Staying focused while kids are at home, news feeds are rampant and you’re still stressing about whether or not you washed your hands well after going to the grocery store is difficult, but thankfully there are ways you can use mindfulness to your advantage and learn to work smarter and increase productivity even when the conditions aren’t ideal.

A Mindful Approach to Helping Your Employees During COVID-19

By focusing on mental health, employers are in a unique position to mindfully support their employees during this time of constant change and uncertainty.

Understanding and Coping with Grief

During this period of COVID-19 we may lose our jobs, our possessions, friends, loved ones, activities we love or even our own lives. All of us are losing something as a result of this virus, which will trigger grief in many of us. Start to understand the grief process in this post.

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