Cassano’s Pizza decreased their turnover by 150% with Behavioral Essentials

Turnover decreased by 150% in one and a half years. What else needs to be said?

Chip Cassano, President

Cassano’s Pizza is a family-owned pizza chain based out of Dayton, Ohio, specializing in signature pizzas, famous subs and other Italian favorites since1953.


With their recent growth, Cassano’s was struggling to hire effective managers that would accurately represent their brand. “The turnover in managers seemed to never end, “ explained VP of Operations, Janet Hurley. 


Behavioral Essentials administered the E3 assessment to Cassanos’ best existing managers and designed a benchmark for the role, integrated the E3 into their application process and changed the profile of the new hires they made by comparing candidate’s data to the benchmark. 


By implementing the E3 and a custom role benchmark, Behavioral Essentials was able to standardize the hiring of managers and within one and a half years Cassanos’ turnover was reduced by 150%.