Behavioral Scale Deep Dive: High Military Leadership

Military Leadership: The ability to complete tasks and stay on track with projects, using discipline and sound judgment. 

Do you work hard to meet personal and team goals? Do you value organization and planning? If so, you may be a high scorer in military leadership. Let’s take a look at the behavioral traits of someone with a high score in military leadership and what managers can do to best encourage their growth.  

High Military Leadership

Meet Jenna. Jenna is a go-getter who always works hard to meet her goals and deadlines at work. If someone’s wondering when a meeting is, they always ask Jenna because she’s always organized and ahead of the game. People in the office also seek her out when they’re having a bad day because she’s always very calm and even, despite what the day might throw at her.

Jenna is a good example of someone who likely has a high military leadership score. She:

  • Tends to focus on duty and obligation
  • Is committed to action and works hard to meet personal and team goals
  • Values organization and planning
  • Often provides a steadying influence in relationships
  • Typically has an even and unflappable mood

Tips for Managing High Scorers

Although high scorers in military leadership can be reliable, hard working employees, sometimes their heightened sense of duty and obligation can have negative consequences in their personal and work life.  At times, this often rigid commitment to duty can cause them to come across as stiff, boring and dispassionate to others.

Whether you’re a manager of a low military leadership scorer or wanting to learn how to better understand a colleague’s behavior, here are some ideas on how to effectively manage this behavioral trait. 

Recommendations for High Scorers: 

  • Encourage them to “let loose” once in a while, allowing them to not be quite so “serious.”
  • Encourage them to realize and value that other people may not be so fastidious and duty oriented, but still may contribute greatly to teamwork. Others can bring some fun and color to the experience, which is good for the team, whether that’s at work or at home.
  • Conscientiousness, a strong sense of duty, loyalty and clearly defined goals and procedures motivate the high scorer in military leadership.

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