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Start incorporating scientifically validated behavioral data into your coaching process so you can help your clients achieve measurable results and sustainable change faster. Our streamlined reports give you an immediate behavioral perspective that shows where a person is right now in their life and how they can make changes to improve their performance.

The BE Success Survey

The BE Success Survey is an effective, yet simple, scientifically-validated, cloud based assessment that identifies the core motivators of an individual using 21 behavioral scales. By simply scrolling over the high and low scales, the definition of that scale pops up in your browser.

  • Adjective Checklist Methodology: Predicts individual tendencies more accurately than statements or questions.
  • Focuses on Behaviors: Results focus directly on how a person behaves so you can recommend actionable steps to help improve their work and personal life.
  • Valid & Reliable: Tested with over 550,000 people and EEO compliant.
  • Simple & Instant: Easy to administer, takes 8-10 minutes to complete and the results are delivered instantly.
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The Level Up 360

The Level Up 360 is a powerful peer assessment process that provides you with objective feedback on a person's strengths and growth areas so that you can have a full behavioral perspective when coaching.

  • Peer Assessment: A person’s peers will rate them on various behavioral questions on a scale of 1-10, assess them by checking the words they think describe them on the BE Success Survey and provide any additional feedback they wish.
  • Instant Invite: Each person participating in the process will instantly receive an email to complete the process.

The Step Up Report

The Step Up Report gives a quick overview of the strengths and growth areas of an individual and provides you with growth recommendations and suggested actions.

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Behavioral Questions

Behavioral Questions based on an individual’s key behavioral attributes provide a simple, yet powerful way to connect with a person to maximize your communication with them.

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$500 Personal Portal Set-Up
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