A private arts university struggling with retention standardizes their hiring process

“I know who my great advisors are and I can use their E3 as a reflection or as a mirror to the new hires that are coming in.” 

VP of Career Development

A private arts university that offers campus and online degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment, media, arts, and technology.


The University was struggling with student retention.  They needed to standardize their hiring process in their Admission’s department so that their advisors could influence a higher rate of student success.


 Using the E3, Behavioral Essentials helped the University identify the ideal behavioral profile of top performing admission representatives and found that only 3 of 20 existing employees met the benchmark.  They then integrated the E3 assessment into their hiring process and used this benchmark as a guide for new hires. 


The University hired 10 new admissions representatives using the E3 Assessment and within 3 months their sales revenue tripled.  Additionally, with the standardization of effective admission representatives, the University saw a sharp rise in online course enrollment.  Prior to working with Behavioral Essentials,  they had 80 online students; with Behavioral Essentials, it jumped to 800 in less than a year.