5 Steps to Hiring the Right Person

We’ve all been there- you need to hire someone new fast and we know how hard it is to hire. Thousands of dollars can be spent bringing in the wrong person and hours can be lost during the process. Until now. Using our BE Success Survey and resulting reports, we can quickly help you determine if a candidate has the behavioral traits necessary for a role. The BE Success Survey identifies 21 behavioral scales, and the core motivators of an individual immediately after they complete the assessment. For any job or relationship, certain behavioral scales are critical to success. Knowing those scales and hiring candidates based on them saves you time and money during your hiring process. 

Here’s how you use the BE Success Survey to simplify your hiring process and narrow down your candidate pool quickly and accurately:

1. Benchmark

First, your best employees take the BE Success Survey. Using this data, we create a benchmark for a specific role/position which we use to overlay prospective employee’s data during the hiring process, allowing you to see if they have the right key behavioral attributes right away. 

Additionally, by assessing the leadership of an organization, we can create a Cultural Fit Benchmark that accurately identifies the behaviors and values held dear by an organization. Hiring to these attributes helps ensure the right fit. Once the candidate takes the survey, we will be able to see if they possess these key attributes. 

2. Assess Candidates

Once we’ve created a benchmark for the role, you can then assess candidates by inviting them to complete the BE Success Survey online. The assessment only takes 8-10 minutes to complete. 

3. Receive Results & Filter Candidates

Results are delivered immediately and a snapshot of the respondent’s behaviors are identified on an easy to read chart, measuring 21 behavioral scales that indicate natural tendencies like proactivity, dominance and creativity. Based on the results, you get a specialized report on each candidate that: 

  • gives you a quick understanding of fit for the role
  • shows you areas of concern based on the role and cultural fit benchmarks
  • gives you customized interview questions to assess any areas of concern

4. Interview

After looking at the results, you only have to interview the people that you know fit the role and your company culture, cutting down the amount of interviews drastically!

5. Hire

By utilizing your tools, you can accurately hire employees that fit the behavioral requirements of the job and streamline your hiring process.

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